Our Program

​The Learning Palette Preschool

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) is used in ALL DISCIPLINES specific to Pre-Kindergarten. 

Academics: Our program includes basic academic knowledge including components of the Common Core Rubric used within most U.S. states.  Your child will engage in handwriting activities, letter and number recognition, reading and math.

Technology: Our program incorporates the use of technology; teaching a child how to respect and use laptops, keyboards, desktop PC, iPad and more.

Art: We don't just color here! We develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination using different techniques and medium allowing your child to use their creativity.

Music and Movement: We encourage kids to sing, play and express themselves through melodies and fluid language of folk and traditional song. We also introduce a variety of age-appropriate musical instruments.

Physical Education: Free play time is a great way for your child to obtain exercise, and this program also teaches your child the fundamentals of exercise including the importance of yoga and stretching.